Bontà Ibleee le conserve di Nonno Tano

Our story

Our story: «Nonno Tano»
Our story



I was only 14 years old when I became an adult  and I had care of my family. So I started to work in a small shop for a famous artisan from Bologna that  taught me the passion for my life job”. Gaetano Spatuzza alias «Nonno Tano» (grandfather Tano) tells. His knowledge and skills about the making of delicious preserves of vegetables in oil and vinegar have been passed on the new company

“Bontà Iblee. Le conserve di Nonno Tano -1957”.

The homemade taste of each jar from “Bontà Iblee. Le conserve di Nonno Tano -1957” is delicious and unique. This special taste comes from a long research in making preserves by choosing the right ingredients: oil, artichokes, aubergines, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions, mixed with the right spices like fresh mint, garlics, oregano and capers. All of those details are the secret ingredient that makes “Le conserve di Nonno Tano” so good since 60 years.




Nowdays, Anna Maria Spatuzza learned all the skills of his father  “Nonno Tano”: “This is my life job, I started to work with my father since I was a child. He and my mother Giovanna taught me everything and today I’m still proud to prepare their delicious preserves”. Anna Maria Spatuzza tells.







Gaetano  and Giovanna Spatuzza because of their hard work  were successful in obtaining several prizes and awards and now  “Bontà Iblee. Le conserve di Nonno Tano -1957” is a modern company that join traditions of the past and the current technologies.

«Our aim is to comunicate with our customers to improve day by day the quality of our products» says Anna Maria Spatuzza.